Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Quiet Desperation

As I sit before my computer contemplating what I want to say, I
have varied emotions about a term that keeps crossing my mind,
Quiet Desperation. This aphorism was made famous by Henry
David Thoreau… “The mass of men lead lives of quiet
desperation”. It’s the New Year and here we are with a fresh
year ahead us once again. For some it’s an opportunity to
progress into a new you, or to lead ourselves and our loved ones
in a new direction. To right old wrongs and mend fences. Or just
simply try to be calmer during the stormy wakes of life. Perhaps
develop an assuredness with-in our personal and professional
lives along with some peace, laughter and joy instead of the
same old same old. Such lofty thoughts to contemplate in this
crazy mixed up hectic world that surrounds us all. Reality of it
is… maybe, just possibly, that quiet desperation is perhaps
another constant evil of this world lying in wait to beat us down
at every opportunity that we must negate as often as possible
on a personal level and that takes faith. It’s different for each
individual and only we inside know how circumstances truly
personally affect us. An answer (though not the only answer)
that seems to best combat this monkey wrench of life is… It’s
how we respond to what happens to us instead letting “it”
dictate and manipulate us into something we don’t like or want
to be. This I believe is the key, we must consciously mentally
work on ourselves, you know that man or woman and even boys
and girls who must look themselves in the mirror every day. I am
really preaching to myself here, though surely I know the choir
is listening. So our challenge is, continue being (or become) that
rock for your family, preserver, because if you won’t, who will
lead them. Take a step of faith.