Thursday, May 28, 2015

Pulling a Bronson Returns.

David Eriksen (publisher FHT) and I occasionally run into each other at Java
Junction coffee shop in King NC. I've known David since the inception of
Foothills Times and I never cease to be amazed at his continued enthusiasm
and commitment to this magazine, through all the ups and downs of being a
publisher/business owner. David likes to inform me about what's upcoming
with the magazine and he proceeded to tell me about a new advertiser that
was coming on board and what a cool place it is and how much I would like it.
He said; you ever heard of Kanawha Valley Arena? I just started smiling, I
turned my computer around to him and started showing him a video from
where some co-workers and I went and spent an afternoon there September

What a nice place Kanawha Valley Arena truly is located in Dug'spur Virgina
just a few miles from Hillsville. We experienced first hand the old west
themed hospitality and relaxing atmosphere personally via KVA owner Tommy
Brown and his staff. KVA is situated in a beautiful mountain valley with a
pleasing to the sense's creek flowing close behind the huge rear porch of the
saloon. There are numerous activities to participate in including... delicious
scheduled buffet's through out the year. One of the events on schedule for this
summer is the 6th annual Thunder in Kanawha Bike Rally for the motorcycle
enthusiast July, 17, 18, 19. There will be several rides available during this
event beginning and ending at KVA.

Travel time “one way” from the Winston Salem area is about an hour fifteen
minutes using the most direct roads making KVA a welcomed get away from
the metropolis mundane. But for me the guy who doesn't like to be in a hurry
when I am riding a motorcycle purposefully search out the forgotten ways to
get around using secondary roads and that can transform an ordinary ride into
an enjoyable adventure of sorts. My friends and I turned a 2.5 hour round trip
ride into a 6 hour adventure, not including our time spent at Kanawha Valley
Arena and never once used the interstate and for me at least is relaxing part
of motorcycling, taking in the views and most importantly unhurried. Until
next time. BK

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