Thursday, October 31, 2013

Another Pilot Mountain in Russia?

Another Pilot Mountain in Russia?

All of my life I have had a special fondness for Pilot Mountain. I remember as a
child going to swim at the pool that once was. Picnics with parents and visiting
relatives. Even have been atop the big knob a time or two, back in the day.
While away at college returning home from Knoxville I listened to WPAQ and
knew for certain I was home when I could see Pilot standing like a beacon from
the crest of the blueridge. Pilot is a calming, peaceful place I never tire of and
enjoy visiting year round.

Through the years I have heard tales of other mountains that look like Pilot.
Even the rumor of one in Europe, but have never seen a photo to back up the
claim. Imagine the surprise I had while randomly viewing a photo hosting site
in the fall of 2007. I saw a photograph of a mountain and did a double take! I
had my sister to look to make sure it was not my imagination. I emailed the
photographer hoping for some kind of dialog. A few days later I received a
email from a Russian who is fluent in English. A friendship began
and continues today.

1st Chest is a mountain located in the Republic of Khakassia in the Russian
Federation that has the same remarkable features of Pilot Mountain not only
in similar shape... but also connected to a small chain of mountains.. with
much larger mountains looming in the background. It is one of five mountains
called (Сундуки) Sundukee which in Russian means chests. The closest city is
Abakan 105 miles SE and the village of Iyus is in seeing distance of 1st Chest.
These mountains are also known as (Сибирский Стоунхиндж) Siberian
Stonehenge an ancient astrological observatory much like Stonehenge in the
UK. This area of Siberia is beautiful. My friend is a Doctor and
volunteers his services to Christian camps for children, camping in tents under
an open Siberian sky. I hope to visit 1st Chest someday. Because God saw fit to
make two similar mountains I now have some wonderful friendships and I feel
very blessed.

Bobby Kiger

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