Thursday, October 31, 2013

Grandma's Flowers.

Grandma's Flowers, and other pending thoughts of becoming a family elder.

My Grandma, Alice Tuttle Kiger was one of the kindest gentlest souls I have ever known. I say this not
because I loved her, but because it is the simple truth. She was the glue and heart of a rural farm family.
Her day started before dawn and ended near dusk, my grand parents never used daylight savings time
except for Sunday services at church. I recall eating countless meals during tobacco primings which
was part of a days pay for hired hands and family alike. A bountiful table spread with various home
cooked staples each and every day. She lived a simple life of hard work, integrity, going beyond
expectations, soaring above the level of mediocrity in loving her God, family and friends. She passed
many of these attributes on to her children and so on. She cared about others, especially children. One
thing I remember about her favorite past time was her flowers, from daisy's to roses she loved them all.
Many of the areas that she was around daily had wild flowers and flowers she planted around the
gardens edge and pastures. On the three porches she had Christmas cactus everywhere.

Grandma passed away December 11th 1986 and time has marched on, twenty-four years later I still
make my way to the old home place every spring, though now in dishevelment because of the passing
of time. I still see the beauty that once was. I can see her walking from the house towards the barn with
chickens and cats following her every move. Ah, sweet memories. I am reminded of a much liked song
brought on from such reminiscing; New Faces in the Field. Though the thickets have taken over in
places and the barn has fallen in, There hidden among the brush all along the old gardens edge and
fence line are flowers blooming she planted decades ago. Though she is gone I have a annual reminder
of her life, her passions and the principles she stood for. To keep on keeping on, live and enjoy life, try
to do whats right. Love God, family and friends, care about your neighbor. She did those things well in
her quiet way.

As I type this story I am confronted with a plethora of thoughts and emotions. My Father is losing his
fight with cancer and is in transition process to eternity at the Kate B Reynolds Hospice Center. Enough
cannot be said about this fine institution.

Soon the torch of elder ship shall be passed. I am ready. I have been well prepared. When my children
and future grand children see my version of grandma's flowers, It is my hope and prayer they will feel
and know the love I had for them and pass it on. What will be your story, what will you pass on?
Thanks Grandma.

Bobby Kiger

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