Thursday, October 31, 2013

What do you really know about US 52?

What do you really know about US 52?

Love it or hate it most of us deal with US Nascar 52 south during our morning commute. Sometimes
we wonder if the person drafting us is for us or against us while talking or text ting on the cell phone,
reading the newspaper, eating, singing or laughing at some morning show personality.

So what does US 52 have in common with the Mother Road of America, US route 66?
Legislation by the government for public highways first appeared in 1916 it wasn't until 1925 that legislators enacted national highway construction. US 66 was the major east-west road (2451 miles) from Chicago to Los Angeles of the day. Did you know our very own US 52 and US 66 criss cross one another in
Joliet Illinois just southwest of Chicago? US 52 was at one time a major North-South route running from
Charleston SC to Portal ND, 2072 miles and turns into Hwy 39 in North Portal Saskatchewan Canada.
Small world huh. Just like 66, 52 lost its relevance over time beginning with the 1956 interstate
highway system act. The next time you plan a vacation to Charleston SC think US route 52, the two
lane version of our very own 66 and see some country and towns forgotten by our major highway
systems. I've done it, I found it a refreshing change of pace unlike our morning nascar four lane version
we all endure here in suburbia.

Bobby Kiger

Here is a list of some cities and towns along US route 52

Charleston SC
Florence SC
Charlotte NC
Winston-Salem NC
King NC :-}
Mt Airy NC
Hillsville Va
Bluefield WV
Huntington WV
Cincinnati Oh
Indianapolis In
Joliet Il (just sw of Chicago)
Dubuque Ia
Rochester Minn
Minneapolis/St Paul Minn
West Fargo ND
Portal ND

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