Thursday, October 31, 2013

Sentinel's of Time

I enjoy seeing the few remaining sentinel's of time we have here in the foothills. I also
feel we are blessed to have these old barns and sheds that still dot our rural areas. Some
are falling down and in disrepair, some are still wonderfully maintained. Oh the stories
they could tell us, if were possible. In the fall the foothills area buzzed with activity.
Wood chop-pins, wheat thrash-ins, corn shuck-ins etc. Centered around all of this was of
course the eating. Chicken stews, wienie roasts out at the tobacco barns while curing the
years final crops. I can still smell the curing tobacco, the wood smoke and the feel of the
crisp fall air! Even more important was the fun and laughter shared with family and
friends and how those times shaped our lives and who we would become. I also recall
the hard work, blood sweat and tears of families living life. I suppose today for some
people they see an old useless structure. I on the other hand see the beauty that once was
and consider the stories that could be told. So next time while going to and fro take a
moment to notice such things and consider the lives lived and the heritage of families
here in our foothills.

Bobby Kiger

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